Lyndelle palmer-Clarke Dailygreatness at work

Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke | FoundeR & Creative Director

Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke has spent the last decade creating results-focused tools that help people apply self-awareness and personal growth concepts into their life in a practical way. As an author, speaker, high-performance coach and business mentor, Lyndelle is passionate about sharing her ideas on personal and professional development, employee engagement and creating a healthy and happy workplace.

Johan Lundkvist Dailygreatness at Work

JOHAN LuNDKVIST| Director of Partnerships & Growth

Johan brings to Dailygreatness his vast experience across various sales and managerial roles with some of the world’s most prominent sports brands.

For the past 10 years, Johan has combined his corporate world experience with two decades of insatiable hunger for personal growth to deliver tools and improved results for individuals and companies, with a particular passion for creating strategic win-win partnerships.


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