What is your minimum size of order?

To qualify for our volume discounts the MOQ is 48 copies.

We offer customisation options starting at 500 copies. However, typically orders of 1000+ are more cost effective for our customers.

Where can you ship to?

We ship worldwide with offices and inventory in USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia.

What are your delivery times for volume and custom orders?

Off-the-shelf volume orders can be delivered in 7-10 working days, depending on stock availability.

Larger volumes or custom orders take 16-20 weeks.

Can I get a sample?

Please fill in your details on our contact page and we will contact you to arrange a sample to be sent.


What customisation is possible?

We offer two customisation packages: Customisation 1: includes your company branding such as logo, customised cover, brand colours and introductory letter. Customisation 2: includes everything in package 1 plus up to 18 pages of unique content such as sales and marketing plan, letter from your leadership, rewards or other company specific information and inspiration.

I’d like to customise my order with my company logo on the cover, and have some custom inside pages with things like my company values, team goals, ways of working, etc... Can you do all of this?

Absolutely. This would be part of our Customisation 2 package that includes up to 18 pages of content unique to your brand and company.


What is the price per copy for volume orders?

Prices start at approx. US$14.99 per copy with volume discounts up to 50%. Contact us for a detailed quote based on your needs and in your currency.


Why paper and not an app?

Typing into an app is just about words but handwriting on paper is connected with your emotions. Studies show that, writing in your own handwriting means the content is retained plus it makes it personal and, therefore, has emotional impact that is simply not there when using an app.

Also, unlike an app or other gamification software, which is out of sight, out of mind, our solution is physical which means your team will be reminded and inspired to use it daily which is one of the secrets as to why our concept works so well.