As an adviser to many large corporate and individual clients, nothing is more important than managing my mindset and staying focused on what’s important to my clients. Dailygreatness was recommended to me as a practical tool to help me do just that and to ensure that I start each day with a success focused mindset. I like that it’s a physical book that keeps my goals, targets and top priorities all in one place so I can easily prioritise and follow up on what’s most important and stay accountable to my goals. I highly recommend the Dailygreatness concept to any business leader that needs to be a peak performer on a consistent daily basis. - Tim Hobart, Certified Financial Advisor and Managing Director, CXC Financial Partners

As a life coach, I always encourage my clients to use writing between sessions. The Dailygreatness Journal’s cover made me smile but the inside is far from fluffy - it has a serious tone that will actually motivate you to be a fitter, happier you. -Camilla Sacre-Dallerup, NLP Coach

I am an Associate Professor at UWE Bristol Business School and have recently purchased a Dailygreatness Journal — and it’s fantastic. I am in the process of designing a new bespoke Masters in Leadership that is for part time industry professionals. One of our modules is Personal Mastery in Leadership and the content and approach of the module aligns perfectly with the ethos and content of the Dailygreatness Journal. I think all our students should use your journals and make the use of the journal core to the overall programme and perhaps connect it to some of the students’ assignments. I believe this would be a fantastic ‘add-on’ and a great way to enhance our practical and applied approach to the Masters. - Dr Harriet Shortt BSc MSc PGCLTHE PhD, Associate Professor in Organisation Studies, Bristol Business School

This journal is that daily guide every parent has been yearning for. Created with great thoughtfulness and insightful awareness about the key elements that are essential to conscious parenting. I firmly believe it will help change the lives of many families. -Dr. Shefali, Clinical Psychologist, Best Selling Author, International Speaker

I bought the Dailygreatness Journal after a recommendation from a mental health professional. The journal encompasses CBT, DBT and CAT like exercises that really make you think about where you’re going in life. I am finding that I actually look forward to my journaling time and am certain it is having a positive effect on my outlook on (my) life. It promotes structure, positive thinking and is really motivating. It’s even helping me stay on track to becoming more physically healthy. -Natalie R.,UK

We are on our 7th edition of the Forever Success Planner and I am proud to say that thousands of Scandinavian Forever Business Owners use it successfully every year. The Forever Success Planner by Dailygreatness is a great tool to help my team and our business owners achieve exactly this which has been instrumental in the growth of our business. - Fredric Alerstam, Country Manager, Forever Living Scandinavia

As a coach for over two decades, I'm always looking for that place to be accountable to my highest self, capture my thoughts, and review my progress. While digital is nice, nothing replaces journaling and THIS JOURNAL has it all! -Michael Savage., Public Speaker and Coach

I recently invested in the Dailygreatness Journal. I'm not sure whether I will be able to find a better investment than this. The instant positivity, optimism, the enthusiasm I have for life thanks to one book - both personally and professionally is incredibly uplifting. The journal keeps me accountable for achieving the success I want to achieve in all aspects of my life. I sent the journal link to 4 of my closest colleagues. They each bought one. Some even bought the Wellness Journal and Business Planner. The Dailygreatness Journal is the answer to what you've been looking for. - Anthony G., AU

The Dailygreatness concept is an amazing tool that allows me to be intentional with my time, thoughts, connections and self-care without being something “I just do”. I spend 5 minutes every morning planning and another 5 minutes at night reflecting and it’s literally changed my life. — Jennifer S., USA

After using my Dailygreatness edition for a few months, in my annual review, my boss commented that he felt I was more intentional and focused on the “big rocks” instead of running to put out fires. — Christina C.,CA

I've had the Dailygreatness Business for four weeks, and it has helped me focus massively on growing my business, and actually realise what I have achieved, as well as where I can fine tune my efforts. I absolutely love the planner, and I have been recommending it to friends and business connections, and I will continue to use it every day. — Liz O., USA

So much more than a planner…. it has changed the way I work and feel about work. Everything I do feels more purposeful which makes me happier and therefore I’m a lot more productive in my job. — Isabella M., UK

This planner has honestly changed my life. Socially, educationally, emotionally, financially and my health. It organises your life in such a structural way but with a fun and learning side to it. It teaches stuff about you that you would never know about and changes the negativity to positivity. If I could buy this book for all my friends and family I would! — Shaune K., UK