“So much more than a planner…. it has changed the way I work and feel about work. Everything I do feels more purposeful which makes me happier and therefore I’m a lot more productive in my job.”



“The Dailygreatness concept is an amazing tool that allows me to be intentional with my time, thoughts, connections and self-care without being something “I just do”. I spend 5 minutes every morning planning and another 5 minutes at night reflecting and it’s literally changed my life.”



“After using my Dailygreatness edition for a few months, in my annual review, my boss commented that he felt I was more intentional and focused on the “big rocks” instead of running to put out fires.”



“We are on our 7th edition of the Forever Success Planner and I am proud to say that more than 1,000 Scandinavian. It is important for our FBOs to plan their work and personal life, so they can achieve a good work–life balance and the Forever Success Planner is a great tool to help with that. ” - Fredric Alestam, Forever Living Products


“I've had the Dailygreatness Business for four weeks, and it has helped me focus massively on growing my business, and actually realise what I have achieved, as well as where I can fine tune my efforts. I absolutely love the planner, and I have been recommending it to friends and business connections, and I will continue to use it every day.”

— LIZ O.